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Post  Don Calabrese on Mon Jul 14, 2008 12:33 pm

Don Calabrese formely known as The Dom is impatiently waiting for Brooke to show up for his interview.

Don Calabrese: Man what is this chick doing running late like that.

Suddendly Brooke appears out of breath white as a ghost.

Don Calabrese: What haoppend to you Brooke, you seem very tense?

Brooke: It is that Crazy Angry McAnger going around showing what is under his gross can you get..

Don Calabrese: ahahah that crazy skirt wearing Don't be so tense babe. my manager Sonja will give you a back Rub. I introduce to you my very sexy manager Sonja.

Don Calabrese is mad Leticia-Cline-0014

Sonja gently massages Brooke who is turning red.

Brooke: whew is it me or is it getting hot around here.. hmm ok stop that or I will fall asleep or whio knows what I might do

Sonja: Care to come in our office for a private session after?

Brooke: who knows, maybe later. So I see Don that you have a very sexy manager and why the name change?

Don Calabrese: First of all the name is Don Calabrese understand. I upgraded rank in the cosa nostra so I am now known as Don Calabrese, if you know what I mean.

Brooke: ok got it. So why are you mad then?

Don Calabrese: Well I don't get the respect I deserve here in ISN and Sonja either.
Things will change around here, I can promise you that. With the sexiest Diva training me I will go to the top. Slasher better show some respect or hell is going to break loose around this fed.

Brooke: but..

Don Calabrese: NO BUTS... I better start getting the respect I derserve and that is all there is to it.. Sonja go get comfy my training session is up.

Sonja: hmmm going in the office right now.

let's take a look at Sonja in Don Calabrese's office.

Don Calabrese is mad Leticia-Cline-0262

Don Calabrese: Woo well babe this is my cue as I am off to my office.

Brooke: Well thx Don Calabrese, this was very mmmm never mind

Don Calabrese: Private session for you anytime.
Brooke blushes....
Don Calabrese
Don Calabrese

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Don Calabrese is mad Empty Re: Don Calabrese is mad

Post  JAIMIE on Tue Jul 15, 2008 12:06 pm

This is ace lol!


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Don Calabrese is mad Empty Re: Don Calabrese is mad

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 15, 2008 2:53 pm

lol how could I not put it in the show Very Happy

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