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Nick Nitro looks for first fight Empty Nick Nitro looks for first fight

Post  nick nitro on Mon Jul 07, 2008 10:21 am

* The lights in the Arena all of a sudden go off, they stay off for several seconds before all you can hear throughout the arena is a loud snap of the finger. All of a sudden the lights come back on flashing red and white. The lights continue to strobe red and white for another ten seconds and then they all shut off and then come back on white. Dont Tread on Me by Metallica hit the PA and there is a man standing under the TitanTron. He is wearing Black Wrestling tights with red and white flames down one leg and he is wearing a black tee shirt that is blank on the front.*

The character makes his way down to the ring, once in a while looking out into the crowd. He is caring a mic in his right hand. He walks all the way around the ring and stops at the announcers table. He extends his hand to the announcers, shakes thier hands and then turns around and gets into the ring.

Character: I am sure that all of your are wondering who I am and what I am doing in the very center of the famous ISN ring. Well I am here because I scouted all of the talented federations and found the ISN to be the best of the best. I know some of the talent on this roster and as always I do my research.

*The crowd roars at the mention of ISN.

Character: I am sure there are people that are in the back that think I am going to be just like the rest and come out here and demand a championship match right away. Well that is not the truth, I know that I have to prove myself and that I have to work my way up! I love to fight and I really want to ern the respect of the men and women of this fed. So I am out here to offer an open challenge to anyone in the back that wants a fight, win or lose I will give 110 percent and I will put fans in the seats. I have heard throught the rumor mill that a man by the name of Roberto "Sledge" Gonzalez might be looking for a fight. While I might be new here I have studied and watched match tapes. he is one tough SOB, he has the endurance of a bull and he loves a fight too!

*The crowd cheers!

Character: For all of you fans that were wondering what my name is it is Nick Nitro and I am here to stay!

*With that Nick Nitro tosses the mic to a sound guy....

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